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Dramatic rock formations—windswept into sculptural reliefs by the Mistral—are as characteristic of the area’s astonishing beauty as the fragrance of laurel, oleander, and juniper carried on the ocean breeze. The meandering coast forms hidden inlets of aqua blue water perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

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Every year thousands of yachts, sailboats and yachts decide to berth in this bay only for enjoying moments of amusement in the renowned “Piazzetta delle Chiacchiere.” Small alleys will guide you through the typical constructions of Costa Smeralda. The small hamlet of Arzachena assumed this name because of its geographic conformation which seems to shape a deer’s head.


Isole Li Nibani

These desert islands, in the southeast of Porto Cervo, are part of an important international park, the bay of Porto Li Nibani offers uncrowded coves where relaxation and solitude can be enjoyed while admiring the view. Monte Zoppu offers to athletes a fascinating view over Costa Smeralda.



Every Thursday the delightful square of San Pantaleo fills up with stalls for the popular weekly market. With its colorful displays of exotic dresses, ancient fabrics and laces, products of skilful craftsmanship grown with love, is capable of attracting a growing audience.

nuraghe la prisgiona arzachena

Nuraghe Prijona

In Arzachena, a few kilometers away from the hotel, it is possible to visit one of the main Nuragic sites of Sardinia. Discover the traditional stone buildings of the Nuragic Civilization dating back to 1800 BC. About 7,000 nuraghe, some of them really complex, scattered across the surface of Sardinia since 1997 have been recognized as a World Heritage by Unesco.

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