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Explore the best of Costa Smeralda

by Costa Smeralda on Nov 6, 2015

Untouched beauty

Costa Smeralda has the natural glamour that you may often think about when you hear about Italy and the treasures that are found throughout Porto Cervo. You can enjoy the sea, beaches, and tranquility at its best.

The beautiful land has so much to offer, regardless of when you choose to visit during the year. There are rock formations that have been eroded by west winds, creating some amazing sculptures. You may want to sit out on the balcony of your hotel room and simply take in all of what nature is going to carry on the winds – oleander, laurel, and juniper.

Spectacular Aerial View of Hotel Pitrizza

Romantic Coves

The small coves can be quite romantic, which is why so many people choose to visit this area. From April to October, there are mild temperatures ranging from 20 to 27 degrees Celsius, so you don’t have to worry about the strong summer heat as you would in other parts of Italy.

Enjoy the Sights

Maddalena is where you are going to find some of the bluest waters along a beach. There are seven major islands that make up this archipelago and if you really want to explore the water, plan a dive.

Stella Maris is a site you will want to visit as well, which is a church that was designed in the 1960s. Stunning art is on the inside and the bronze doors are just one of the impressive features. Plus, you get an enchanting view of Porto Cervo from the location.

Many a photo has been captured of this beautiful area of Italy, but you want to do more than view it – you want to live it. Choose a hotel that allows you to enjoy the beaches and the coves so you can be the one to share the photos you take with others.

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Hotel Pitrizza


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Explore the best of Costa Smeralda

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