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The Welcoming Island

A blend of different Mediterranean Peoples and Cultures

Sardinian heritage is the product of simple ingredients and cross-pollination by the many different food cultures of the Mediterranean peoples that have left their mark on the island’s culinary delights. Sardinia is surrounded by one of the most beautiful seas in the world; its nature is wild and unspoiled, yet outsiders have set foot here for millennia, some remaining and some only passing through. Its location makes it a cultural crossroads in the Mediterranean; and it has always been a stop or a waystage for anyone travelling towards Italy, whether from east or west. In fact, the multi-ethnicity of the Sardinian people testifies to this: alongside indigenous Sardinians, you’ll also find people of Spanish, Ligurian, French, Corsican and North African descent. As proof, look no further than the Tabarkin gastronomy offered on the island of San Pietro, where Ligurian and African traditions meet Sardinian culture, creating a unique, inimitable cuisine. Sardinia’s characteristic recipes tell a tale of the island’s authentic Sardinian spirit, where pastoral and peasant traditions are combined, not forgetting the dishes that bring to the table the scent of the sea that surrounds the island of Sardinia – or, as it was known in ancient times, the ‘Ichnusa’.