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Elephant's Beach

Hidden from prying eyes...

The Elephant’s beach is a precious natural gem, hidden from prying eyes. You can reach it after a pleasant walk from La Celvia, along the cliffs and the prickly pears, or by sea in a canoe or a kayak, bobbing among the waves, spellbound by paradisiacal panoramas. The journey by sea starts from Hotel Cala di Volpe, and after paddling for half an hour through breathtaking views invisible from the mainland, you come across this extraordinary natural monument, preserved – and rightly so – with the utmost care. Once you have rounded the peninsula, passing two cliffs modeled by the wind, right in front of a light signal, there it is: the Elephant’s beach. At first sight, the elephant looks like any other natural sculpture. But, once you’ve approached the beach and hauled your canoe onto the sand, if you turn to face north-west, in the direction of Abbiadori, you’ll see the trunk of the elephant, drinking in the emerald waters. A sight that always makes an impression on visitors, who come in their droves, as is clear from the sheer number of photos of the elephant on social media, especially Instagram. This is the perfect opportunity to take a selfie and document your visit to this area of natural beauty. Then put your phone away, and just enjoy the real privilege of bathing in these waters by this legendary rock, in these almost mythically beautiful waters.

Elefante_1 (Alternativa).jpeg