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Working on your handicap?

by Costa Smeralda on Nov 11, 2015

Experience a legend

The area around the course features juniper, myrtle, and wild strawberry bushes set among rocks which have been eroded by wind and time. There are natural lakes close at hand, and a mere ten minutes away lies Porto Cervo. Alongside the course, golfers can see the Gulf of Pevero with its sparkling water and natural sea life. The golf course was created in 1972 and has become a top golf course since then. The club house provides its own attractions such as afternoon coffee or lunch with a view, a dip in the outdoor pool, relax at the bar after a good game, or come back and get tutored in the fine points of making the best shot.

The Course

The course is designed with golfers in mind. Putting, chipping, and pitching greens cozy up to chipping green space, and 20 open air drive ranges with five indoor ranges to accommodate all types of weather. As golfers well know, weather doesn’t wait until the end of your game! The course itself is par 72, and 6,000 metres average – white (men) 6,170 m, yellow (men) 5,805 m, black (women) 5,497 m, red (women) 5,099 m.

This is the type of destination which will leave golfing friends jealous, or eager to go back with you and see for themselves the beauty and sheer pleasure to be obtained from taking on the Pevero Golf course.

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Working on your handicap?

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