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Porto Cervo for food lovers

by Costa Smeralda on Mar 15, 2016

A Costa Smeralda Special

Italy is loved for a lot of things and food is one of them. If you are in Italy in June, you can sample the best of it at the Porto Cervo Food Festival. The event is organized by a group of hotels: Romazzino, Cala di Volpe, Pitrizza and Cervo, and is held on the first weekend of June to celebrate summer. The eighth 2016 event will be held from June 4-5.

Haute Cuisine

Porto Cervo Food Festival is Sardina’s largest gastronomic festival. Over the two-day event, the venue of the event becomes a magnificent display of the best of Sardinia’s agricultural produce transformed into haute cuisine. There is a splendid display of different types of cheese, charcuterie, jams and even premium caviar and bottarga which is cured mullet roe. Guests can sample and also purchase the food on display.

The two-day event is packed with different activities. This includes cooking lessons, food sampling from the display and show cooking. There’s also a cooking set with a prominent personality. The first day ends with a session of sampling street food and lastly, gourmet dinner.


For every taste

The second day gives young ones a chance to get cooking lessons and cook for mom and dad for a change. There is then a session to sample the food on display, and then guests learn something specific about cooking. Last year, it was about natural cookery. This will be followed by food talk about someone who knows their way around their kitchen. The day ends with a session of sampling street food and the event concludes with gourmet dinner.

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Join us this year

Porto Cervo Food Festival is a great opportunity for those in the food business to market their products. For foodies, it is the perfect event to celebrate food and longevity in Sardina, also known as Longevity Island for the long lives the people here live, which is attributed to their diet.


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Porto Cervo for food lovers

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