Porto Cervo
Star Tennis Classic

On August 27 and 28, the Cervo Tennis Club will be hosting the 1st edition of the Porto Cervo Star Tennis Classic, a spectacular unmissable performance by 4 world tennis legends who will be competing with each other.

Sergi Bruguera, Pat Cash, Thomas Enqvist and Fabrice Santoro are champions who have held the top spots in the world ranking, winners of many prestigious titles of the Grand Slam and Master Series.



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Saturday August 27, 2016
1st match @ 6.30pm | 2nd match @7.30pm

Sunday August 28, 2016
1st match @ 8.00pm | 2nd match @9.00pm


Cervo Tennis Club


The 1st edition of the Porto Cervo Star Tennis Classic, where 4 world tennis legend will be competing with each other.


€50, a 1-day ticket | €80, a 2-day ticket

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Tennis Legend - Sergi Bruguera

  • Destination-Costa-Smeralda-Events-Porto-Cervo-Tennis-Star-Classic-Players-Sergi-Bruguera-3
  • Destination-Costa-Smeralda-Events-Porto-Cervo-Tennis-Star-Classic-Players-Sergi-Bruguera-2
  • Destination-Costa-Smeralda-Events-Porto-Cervo-Tennis-Star-Classic-Players-Sergi-Bruguera

Tennis Legend - Pat Cash

  • Destination-Costa-Smeralda-Events-Porto-Cervo-Tennis-Star-Classic-Players-Pat-Cash
  • Destination-Costa-Smeralda-Events-Porto-Cervo-Tennis-Star-Classic-Players-Pat-Cash-2
  • Destination-Costa-Smeralda-Events-Porto-Cervo-Tennis-Star-Classic-Players-Pat-Cash-3
  • Destination-Costa-Smeralda-Events-Porto-Cervo-Tennis-Star-Classic-Players-Pat-Cash-4

Tennis Legend - Thomas Enqvist

  • Destination-Costa-Smeralda-Events-Porto-Cervo-Tennis-Star-Classic-Players-Thomas-Enqvist
  • Destination-Costa-Smeralda-Events-Porto-Cervo-Tennis-Star-Classic-Players-Thomas-Enqvist-2
  • Destination-Costa-Smeralda-Events-Porto-Cervo-Tennis-Star-Classic-Players-Thomas-Enqvist-3
  • Destination-Costa-Smeralda-Events-Porto-Cervo-Tennis-Star-Classic-Players-Thomas-Enqvist-4

Tennis Legend - Fabrice Santoro

  • Destination-Costa-Smeralda-Events-Porto-Cervo-Tennis-Star-Classic-Players-Fabrice-Santoro
  • Destination-Costa-Smeralda-Events-Porto-Cervo-Tennis-Star-Classic-Players-Fabrice-Santoro-2
  • Destination-Costa-Smeralda-Events-Porto-Cervo-Tennis-Star-Classic-Players-Fabrice-Santoro-3

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Porto Cervo Star Tennis Classic

Aug 27, 2016 @ 6:30 pm - Aug 28, 2016 @ 10:30 pm
On August 27 and 28, the Cervo Tennis Club will be hosting the 1st edition of the Porto Cervo Star Tennis Classic: a spectacular,…

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Porto Cervo Star Tennis Classic

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