August 19th, 2017 TO August 20th, 2017

Porto Cervo
Star Tennis Classic

On August 19 and 20, the Cervo Tennis Club will be hosting the 2nd edition of the Porto Cervo Star Tennis Classic, an unmissable performance by famous tennis legends who will be competing with each other in a spectacular show.

Finalists or winners of many prestigious titles of the Grand Slam and the Master Series along with being champions who held the top spots in the world ranking, Thomas Enqvist, Thomas Muster, Greg Rusedski and Fabrice Santoro are the players who will be entertaining the crowd at this exclusive event in Porto Cervo.



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Saturday August 19, 2017

Sunday August 20, 2017


Cervo Tennis Club


The 2nd edition of the Porto Cervo Star Tennis Classic, where famous world tennis legends will be competing with each other.


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Tennis Legends - Thomas Enqvist

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  • Destination-Costa-Smeralda-Events-Porto-Cervo-Tennis-Star-Classic-Players-Thomas-Enqvist-3
  • Destination-Costa-Smeralda-Events-Porto-Cervo-Tennis-Star-Classic-Players-Thomas-Enqvist-4

Tennis Legends - Thomas Muster

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  • Destination-Costa-Smeralda-Events-Porto-Cervo-Tennis-Star-Classic-Biography-Thomas-Muster-03

Tennis Legends - Greg Rusedski

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  • Destination-Costa-Smeralda-Events-Porto-Cervo-Tennis-Star-Classic-Biography-Greg-Rusedski-02
  • Destination-Costa-Smeralda-Events-Porto-Cervo-Tennis-Star-Classic-Biography-Greg-Rusedski-03

Tennis Legends - Fabrice Santoro

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  • Destination-Costa-Smeralda-Events-Porto-Cervo-Tennis-Star-Classic-Players-Fabrice-Santoro-3

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Porto Cervo Star Tennis Classic

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