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Sardinia, Hotels & Resorts in Costa Smeralda

From crystal-clear turquoise water, pristine beaches, untouched nature and stunning architecture, to luxurious hotels, wellness centers, designer boutiques, world-class restaurants and exciting nightlife. For a memorable vacation, private event or wedding celebration that will satisfy even the most demanding traveler.

Discover Costa Smeralda

Sardinia, a land of age-old traditions
  • The most seductive corner of Sardinia

    There’s no end to the fascinating culture of Sardinia: the mystery of its megalithic ruins, town festivals that celebrate the glories of its past, handicrafts that demonstrate the illustrious traditions of its artisans, and a flavourful cuisine that highlights its local products.
    When the sun goes down, the glamour of the Costa Smeralda turns on – fashion shows, exclusive concerts, luxurious boutiques, world-class restaurants and the most exciting bars and clubs – nothing says Italian style like the Costa Smeralda.

  • Costa Smeralda

    Worls-renowned for the exceptional standard of its hospitality, Costa Smeralda is a second home for the international jet set who dot the lobbies, suites, and private beaches of 4 of the world’s most prestigious hotels. Awash with artistically arranged porticos , juniper floors, arches and steps, the Cala di Volpe was designed in the style of a traditional fishing village, and remains the Mediterranean’s most glamorous hideway. The Pitrizza, on the other hand, is a triumph of understated sophistication, a haven where space – in the form of the gardens separating its villas from the private beach – is the real luxury.

  • Natural Glamour

    The Hotel Romazzino‘s flowing white stucco lines, however, are reminiscent of those of a traditional Mediterranean village and blend effortlessly with the large white beach separating it from the famous emerald sea. Last but not least, the Hotel Cervo remains the very living, beating heart of the village of Porto Cervo. It brilliantly combines beach life and chic glamour, thanks to its famous Tennis Club, five restaurants and special partnership with the Pevero Golf Club. The attraction of opposites: therein lies the secret to the enduring success of the glittering Costa Smeralda.

  • The Audi Experience along Costa Smeralda

    A unique way to experience Costa Smeralda during your stay at Hotel Romazzino, Hotel Cala di VOlpe, Hotel Pitrizza and Cervo Hotel: the Audi Experience. Costa Smeralda becomes even more exclusive aboard the Audi models: reserving your test drive you will uncover the most beautiful roads and the emotion to drive, on a track and offroad, supported by the best Audi’s instructors.

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The best restaurants in Costa Smeralda
A fine gold thread links the restaurants of Costa Smeralda. An almost imperceptible association, a ripple of opulence and simplicity which – coupled with the best service in the world – creates the sense of ease that permeates the food, the wine and the way of savouring them here that is different from anywhere else.

Events in Costa Smeralda

  • Porto_Cervo_Wine_Festival
    May 15

    May 15: Porto Cervo Wine Festinval

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  • Porto_Cervo_Food_Festival
    Jun 06

    June 06: Porto Cervo Food Festival

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  • Eating_with_the_stars
    Jun 15

    June 15: Eating with the Stars

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  • Concerts
    Jul 01

    July 01: Gala Dinners with Concert at the Hotel Cala di Volpe

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  • Porto_Cervo_FashionWeek
    Jul 10

    July 10: Porto Cervo Fashion Week

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  • Porto_Cervo_ShoppingNight
    Aug 21

    August 21: Porto Cervo Shopping Night

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